Joyce Yahouda gallery, Montreal 2005

These magnets present the viewer with a fleeting, often humorous image of an octopus, a creature that represents both the consumer’s wants and the underlying system that orchestrates these desires. This emblematic figure suggests both the advertising octopus, the subject of an article in the May 2001 issue of Le Monde diplomatique, and the monstrous octopus, a penetrating, devouring being that functions as a sexual metaphor. Serving as visual sound-bites, the traveling stickers draw our attention to these different conditions. Travelling throughout the city day and night, these images cling to the body of different types of vehicles such as cars, taxis, couriers and delivery trucks, representing incessant displacement, mindless consumerism and temporary experience.

Playing the circular game, diffuse in the urban setting, this in-the-city project demands a gallery presence. In the interior space, the artwork awaits circulation via individual purchases or public participation.