Reach out
and touch

Mediatrics, Cold City Gallery, Toronto
Samuel Lallouz gallery, Montreal
Canadian cultural services, Paris, FR
Centre national d'art contemporain Passages, Troyes, FR 1995

Off the cuff, one could say of Reach out and touch someone that it is an installation dealing with the sense of touch, with our society’s nearly obsessive desire to communicate, and that it indirectly speaks to us of childhood — its playful aspect, and the dual taboo of touching (Didier Anzieu).

The theft-prevention setup is part of the installation’s concept . What is out of reach is not so much the objects themselves as what’s written on them: “to love,” “to be loved,” “to be in love,” those configurations of relationship that elicit so much desire and longing. In the installation itself, the spectator is located midway between two spaces — the intimate space of the sphere and the infinite “network” of the cabinet of mirrors —, visible yet physically inaccessible, because partly imaginary. Solicited by each of the devices in turn, the viewer cannot enter them.